Multi-Messenger Astronomy of Cosmic Rays
KIAA, Beijing  April 11-14, 2011



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Location and transportation

** Note this page has been totally re-written. We provide this information carefully for you. Please print it and keep it with you during travel and read it carefully to the end. We invested all effort to provide correct information, but please understand that we cannot provide a guarantee, because things change quickly here.

Workshop venue

The workshop venue is the auditorium of the KIAA. The KIAA is marked on the northern tip of the campus map. Please note that the route from the PKU ZhongGuan Global Village hotel (or ZhongGuanXinYuan), which is to the east of the campus east gate, to the KIAA has been marked, and it is about 25min walk. You can visit the KIAA visitor info page for more local info.

At the entry to Peking University campus there is a security check. You may be asked by the guard to show your ID. We will inform the gates about the workshop, so it should be OK to show your workshop badge, when going to the workshop venue. In any other case, e.g. if you don’t have the badge, presenting your valid passport for registration is sufficient to get entry.

From Beijing Airport to the hotel

  • By Taxi (recommended)

You will arrive at Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) Terminal 2 or Terminal 3 (both serve international). We recommend taking a taxi to get to the hotel (nearby Peking University) from the airport. On arrival in the terminal please follow big signs on the floor to the regular taxi queue (basement Terminal 3, ground floor Terminal 2). There regular taxis are waiting, and guards are organizing the queue.

Here is the location of your hotel in Chinese for your taxi driver
, and maps showing the hotel, Peking University and KIAA:
Download the pdf file

Some hints for taxi use in Beijing

1.          Never follow normal persons offering you a taxi ride somewhere in the terminal or even near the taxi queue, they are illegal and overcharge you.

2.          The normal fee from the airport to PKU or your hotel should be about RMB 90-110.

3.          Beijing taxis have a meter, and drivers are in the overwhelming majority very honest, but they usually don't speak English. So under any circumstances print out some Chinese pages or papers which show your final destination in Chinese.

4.          The motorway fee of RMB 10 and sometimes (depending of the day's gas price) a fuel/gas surcharge of RMB 1 are charged in addition to the meter price. After your payment you should receive up to three receipts for all parts of the payment (meter charge, motorway fee, and occasional fuel surcharge).

5.          In case you have any problems or complaints to report, please write down the drivers license number, which is clearly displayed with photoID of the driver in front of the passengers seat. Also, at the airport, near the top of the taxi waiting queue you can pick up an English leaflet of the airport authority on how to travel safely by taxi in Beijing.

  • By Public Transportation

If you have not too heavy luggage, and don't mind some 10-15 minutes easy walking, it is possible to reach the hotel and the conference venue (KIAA-PKU) by subway. Beijing has a very efficient local traffic network. This is a subway network map (please print it out). The subway including ticket machines is bilingual (Chinese and English) and easy to navigate for foreigners. A subway trip cost a flat fare of RMB 2 including all changes. Exception: The airport express has to be paid separately, with RMB 25 per trip.

In order to reach the hotel (ZhongGuanXinYuan or PKU Global Village), Peking University and/or KIAA, you can take the airport express first, and interchange to Subway Line 10 (opend now) at "SanYuanQiao" Station. Get off Line 10 at "HaidianHuangZhuang" Station, and interchange to Subway Line 4. The destination of subway trip will be at "East Gate of Peking University" Station. This subway station is just near the "East Gate of Peking University", and you will need to walk about 300 meters to reach the hotel. Please find the map here.

Alternatively, you can take an airport limousine to "ZhongGuanCun" (You will need to buy a ticket near the gate of the airport building. Ask airport staff for help to board. Cost RMB 16), and get off at its destination. Then you can take a taxi (the hotel and PKU locate in the west direction, with a distance of about 2 km), and it will cost you RMB 10-13.

From other places to the hotel

Although you can still take taxies, those who take trains to Beijing can easily reach the hotel (and KIAA-PKU) as well by public transportations. We provide here the latest subway network map (please print it out). The total charge (with all internal changes from different subway lines) of Subways will be 2 RMB.

After you get off the subways or buses, you will need to walk about 300 meters to reach the hotel. Please find the map here. Below is some detailed information.

  • Beijing South Railway Station; Beijing North Railway Station

Directly take subway Line 4 to "East Gate of Peking University" station.

  • Beijing Railway Station

Please take subway Line 2 first, and then change to Line 4 at "Xuanwumen Station" or "Xizhimen Station". The destination is "East Gate of Peking University" station (Subway Line 4).

  • Beijing West Railway Station

Unfortunately it is not convenient to reach Subways from Beijing West Railway Station. You can reach PKU by Bus No. 319 (to "Lanqiying" station) or No. 320 (to "Zhongguan Yuan" station).

General Advice how to get around

Money and Exchange

On arrival it might be useful to exchange some money. There are bank counters and ATM's just at the point where you pass customs and leave the baggage claim hall, and also inside the baggage claim hall. We recommend choosing an ATM outside in the airport halls, after leaving the baggage claim area. If you want to find a larger variety of shops and banks, just proceed to the departure hall on the top floor (escalators, elevators). The taxi departure queue is in the ground floor (Terminal 2), basement (Terminal 3).

How much Chinese Yuan can you bring into the country? Normally any amount to survive several days is no problem to bring in. See
this webpage for a quote of the limiting amount. These rules change often, so it can only be a guideline.

Exchanging foreign currency in China is generally easy, but banks may charge a fee and there may be long queues. Always keep receipts of exchange, because you can exchange back an amount of Chinese Yuan into foreign currency only if you have a receipt of exchanging at least this amount originally from foreign currency into Chinese Yuan!!.

Most recommendable is to use ATM machines (cash dispenser); they are abound anywhere. Many of them display international credit card signs (like VISA, Mastercard, American Express) but don't de frustrated if it does not work - at some banks only national not international credit cards of these brands are accepted. Generally the ATM's of the Bank of China are safe to work with international credit cards; other banks sometimes work, sometimes not. It is no problem to try once, you'll get your card back.

Getting around

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Note that putting these links is to help you gathering information only. It does not mean we can take any guarantee for offers made on these webpages. However, to our best knowledge we think these are useful and should create no problem.