Multi-Messenger Astronomy of Cosmic Rays
KIAA, Beijing  April 11-14, 2011



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The workshop will be held at the Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA, in Peking University, Beijing, on 11-14 April, 2011.

The main motivation of this workshop is to discuss the multi-messenger approach, incorporating gamma-ray, neutrino and cosmic ray research, in studying the origin of Galactic and extra-Galactic cosmic rays. We believe such a meeting is timely given the recent and upcoming experimental developments, which include, for example, the completion of the Auger experiment, the launch of FERMI, the operation of Cerenkov TeV telescopes and the planned CTA, the near completion of IceCube and the planned Km3Net activity.

The m
ain topics to be discussed in the workshop are:

     - HECR experiments

     - HE neutrino and gamma-ray experiments

     - Current and future HE experiments in China

     - Particle acceleration

     - High energy photons, neutrinos and CR production in SNRs

     - High energy photons, neutrinos and CR production in GRBs

     - Magnetic fields, CRs and high energy emission from galaxy clusters

The workshop includes invited review talks, a limited number of short talks and poster session, and leaves lots of time for free discussions. The poster size should be A1.

Organizing Committee:

Eli Waxman     (Weizmann Inst. Israel)       (SOC chair)

Felix Aharonian     (DIAS, Ireland & MPIK, Germany)

Zhen Cao     (IHEP)

Zi-Gao Dai     (Nanjing)

Francis Halzen     (Wisconsin-Madison, USA)

Hong-Bo Hu     (IHEP)

Martin Lemoine     (IAP, France)

Peter Meszaros     (Penn State, USA)

Ralph Wijers     (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Li Zhang     (Yunnan)

Shuang-Nan Zhang     (IHEP)

Zhuo Li     (Peking)       (LOC)

Xiang-Yu Wang     (Nanjing)       (LOC)


Department of Astronomy, Peking University

Department of Astronomy, Nanjing University

Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Peking University

Beijing Astronomical Society


KIAA building