Talks in 2009 (Jointly organized    with KIAA)

   (Rm2907, Department of Astronomy, No. 2 Science Building, or at KIAA seminar room, PKU)


Lunch Talks (see this link)


April 9 (Thursday, 3:30-5:00pm)
           Speaker: Dr.
Wolfgang Brinkmann (MPE, Germany)
 SS433/W50 - still an enigma

March 19 (Thursday, 3:30-5:00pm)
           Speaker: Dr.
Hongsheng Zhao (St Andrews, UK)
Unfamiliar faces of Neutrinos: as Cold/Warm/Hot dark matter, gravity modifier and dark energy

February 20 (Friday 10:10-11:30am)
           Speaker: Prof. Ari Laor (Technion, Israel)
A new framework for understanding the radio emissions of radio quiet AGNs 



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