Academic Report



1. New results of Parkes multi-beam pulsar survey

5 April 2000

Speaker: Prof. R.N. Manchester (from Australia)

2. a) Pulsar research projects at Jodrell Bank

b) Lecture: Pulsar timing

26 April 2000

Speaker: Prof. A.G. Lyne

3. The Peak-structure of microwave radiation background

19 June 2000

Speaker: Prof. De-Hai Zhang (The Institute for High-Energy Physics)


4. The Gamma-burst & accretion disk models

28 July 2000

Speaker: Dr. Fukun Li (From Sweden)

5. a) Mass and metallicity distributions in Hippacos red clump stars

13 September 2000

Speaker: Prof. Zhao Gang (BAO)

b) What can one learn with an automated, small aperture spectroscopic telescope?

13 September 2000

Speaker: Dr. S. Mao (From UK)

6. News from the Big Bang

-Also with some general topics concerning how to do astrophysical researches for graduate students

27 October 2000

Speaker: Prof. Borner (MPA Germany)

7. A study of pulsars, neutron stars, and strange stars

28 November 2000

Speaker: Dr. Xu Renxin